Artist Tarabarova: poster of concerts

Билеты Карнавальна Феєрія
12 december 18:00 thursday
Карнавальна Феєрія
Билеты Большой Весенний Концерт
28 february 19:00 thursday
Большой Весенний Концерт
Билеты Велике весілля
02 june 14:00 sunday
Велике весілля
Билеты Великий Весняний Концерт
28 february 19:00 friday
Великий Весняний Концерт



Svetlana Tarabarova was born on July 26, 1990 in Kherson. Svetlana Tarabarova writes songs and lyrics to her tracks herself, is an amazing actress, composer, singer and music producer.

Also known as the former vocalist of the Real O project.

Svetlana's father was a factory worker, her mother was a kindergarten teacher. The girl also has 3 sisters.

At a young age, she wanted to become a driver, but the musical direction still prevailed. Interestingly, at the age of 13, Sveta was already working, she toured all over Ukraine, since she danced in the Oasis group.

In one of her interviews, she indicated that it was very difficult for her. The training sessions lasted about 7 hours, concerts were held until 3 am, but Sveta managed.

Considering such a difficult schedule, Svetlana still managed to go to school and get pretty good grades there. From an early age, the star was distinguished by increased activity, went to various circles.

When Svetlana graduated from elementary school, she entered the Variety and Circus School, which was her old dream. The mother did not share the wishes of her daughter, but Sveta did not betray herself.

She remembered 2008 for the fact that she began to participate in the "Star Factory". The girl stood out from others, wore the pseudonym Alisa Tarabarova. Natalia Mogilevskaya immediately noticed Sveta, and entrusted her with her solo dance number, due to the fact that the actress, for health reasons, could not take part in the concert on time.

Tarabarova took 2nd place on the project, after which she became the soloist of the pop group Real O. She was considered part of the team for 4 long years. During these 4 years the group has created 20 singles, recorded 8 video clips and developed one collection called "Dress". The experience of touring around the world had an extremely positive effect on Svetlana. But after all these years, she realized that it was time for her to deal with herself as a solo artist.

At the end of winter 2012, the star announced her official departure from the group, and was incredibly happy about it. Unlike many singers, Sveta managed to resist and resist competitors, so that Ukraine and other countries hear her and know about her to this day.

In the middle of spring of the same year, Tarabarova released her 1st video "Vera is Strong". And in 2013, thanks to incredible efforts, efforts and work on herself, her first solo collection, We Believe in Love, was published. Svetlana Tarabarova perceives the listener quite warmly and actively, which in turn gives the singer an incentive for creative activity. One of the songs by Svetlana Vasilyevna Tarabarova, "Good for you", was remembered for its warmth and character. Singer Tarabarova does not hide her scenic photos from everyday life, and everyone who wants to see them can use the Internet, where there are enough of them.

The actress herself says that she was lucky enough to fall in love only a couple of times in her entire life. Of course, each time Svetlana more and more believed that these were real feelings, but something went wrong. She had a serious relationship only twice. She even lived with the last man in a civil marriage. Putting on rose-colored glasses and imagining that everything would be perfect, the singer despaired when the realization came to her that her loved one was not as perfect as she thought.

Today Svetlana is alone, she has no serious relationship. But, of course, she believes in eternal love.